Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet The Team

Nicola Nash

Practice Manager

Nicola is a former California resident who recently moved to North Carolina this past year. A former Biology major, she has worked in collegiate laboratories, eco conservation and tour guiding, wildlife rescue, and as both an Animal Care Technician and Vet Technician. With almost 6 years of Veterinary Technician experience and a year and a half of practice management, Nicola joined the Sun City team in July of 2023 and loves being able to help create a happy and healthy working environment for the staff while providing the best care possible to patients. After spending years working for an animal shelter, Nicola prefers to only own rescue animals and has adopted pets Kaylee (a pitbull/american staffordshire terrier) and Pineapple (an albino ball python). When she’s not working, Nicola enjoys hiking, reading, doing yoga, collecting crystals, and spending time with her partner and pup.

Danielle Flynn

Surgical Assistant

Dani was born and raised in Lancaster then moved to Indian Land in 2010. She started out training to be a dental hygienist at York Tech, but decided to change career paths part way through and work with animals. Dani has been in the animal technician field for 6 years, honing her skills for four years at another local pet clinic, then joined the Sun City team in August of 2021. She loves being able to help other family’s fur babies the most, and has a family dog named Gracie. When she’s not working, Dani loves spending time with her daughter, cooking, and being outdoors or spending time with her family.

Brianna Bishop

Veterinary Assistant

Bri was born in Lumberton NC and raised here in Indian Land. Ever the student, she has a Bachelors of Science Degree/Pre-Vet from Emmanuel University and is currently applying for Grad School. Bri started working here at Sun City in January of 2023 as a tech assistant and has been developing her skills ever since. She loves helping animals and has worked with horses, sheep and goats most of her life. She also has a fur baby of her own, a German Shepherd named Major. When she’s not working, Bri loves to compete in horseback riding competitions, play soccer with her younger siblings, paint, be outdoors, and do woodwork/landscaping around her family home.

Kallie Eargle

Veterinary Assistant

Kallie was born in Prosperity and now lives in Rock Hill. She attended Winthrop University for Kinesiology, then switched career paths and is now studying to be an RVT. Kallie joined the Sun City team in May of 2021,and one of her favorite parts of the job is being able to send pets back home healthy. She has many fur babies at home: pups Felicity, Esme, and Chance; cats Keanu and Presley; and a Leopard Gecko named Dexter. When she’s not working Kallie loves to garden, listen to music, visit her family and enjoy nature.

Madison Humphries

Veterinary Assistant

Maddie lives in Lancaster and has been a member of the Sun City team since January of 2023. She is currently taking Veterinary Technician classes online at Penn Foster, and previously worked as a Tech at Banfield and Long Animal Hospital. She loves working with animals and being able to help them feel better. Maddie’s home is full of animals: among them dogs Chevy, Nala, Cricket, Drama, Eternity and Remi’ cats Bloop, Ember, Simba, Lilac, Sorrow and Piston, and bunnies Mystic and Smoke. She enjoys working with rescues especially and is an expert cat handler. When she isn’t working, Maddie enjoys listening to music, spending time with her daughter and fiance, and spending time on the water.

Abby Beheler

Veterinary Assistant

Abby has lived in both North and South Carolina. While in high school she was in the Civil Air Patrol and flew airplanes. She currently is attending college at Arizona State University to get her bachelors in pre veterinary medicine. She is new to the vet tech world and has been a valuable part of the Sun City team since February 2023 while also working at Starbucks. Abby loves working with animals (mostly dogs, only a few kittens), and has a dog named Chewy and a horse named Leo. When she’s not working Abby loves to go horseback riding, camping, and kayaking and enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Raquel McKinney


Raquel lives in Lancaster and has been with the Sun City team since January of 2020. She has studied at Penn Foster, and previously worked for the Humane Society of York County. Raquel is an asset to the tech team but also assists in Client Services much of the time. What she loves most about this job is seeing and treating all the puppies and kittens. She has two dogs Gabban and Cleo, and a cat named Cairo. Raquel also is a reptile lover and has three snakes (Hisstroy, Houdini and host), a Leopard Gecko named Lemon, a crested Gecko named Cres, and a Sulcata Tortoise named Hermy. When she’s not working, Raquel loves to let her pets sunbathe, go to the movies, collect crystals and ground herself in nature.

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